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Telesuprecon is a prominent Telecom Infrastructure Development and Telecom Maintenance services provider having several years of experience in West Africa and India.


23,000 KM

Survey, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of over 23,000 km of Optical Fiber Cable network and 20 Cell Sites and Hybrid Sites operating on solar power.


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To become a leader in West Africa providing end-to-end solutions and services in telecom infrastructure.


To ensure timely delivery of telecom projects from all disciplines at the highest standards of QUALITY & SAFETY.

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Established in Abuja, Nigeria. Growing at 40% year on year.


24 Technical Centers across Nigeria.


Operations in 3 continents and 10 countries.


50 Offices & Technical Centers. 600+ Staff including 100+ Telecom Engineers.

Senior Management

Sachin Nambeear
Sachin Nambeear

Sachin founded Telesuprecon in Nigeria with the idea of being a contributor in building Africa's digital future. He remains a strong advocate of recognising access to telecommunications as a human right and promoting open access to telecommunications and the Internet across West Africa. His vision, ability to lead highly-qualified engineers and specialists, number crunching and business acumen has helped the Company evolve into a leader in providing end-to-end solutions and services in telecom infrastructure in West Africa.
Sachin has spent more than two decades working in West Africa. In the past he has worked primarily in driving sales and marketing for companies that he had worked for - publishing companies and plastic manufacturers. A true entrepreneur at heart, Sachin inspires creation and an attitude of "go-for-it" despite the odds and conventional wisdom.

Vijay Krishnan
Vijay Krishnan
Managing Director

At Telesuprecon, Vijay has played a lead role in implementation of telecom fiber networks for various leading telecom operators/vendors which now stretches over 23,000 Km. He is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and operations management of Telesuprecon. Under Vijay's leadership the team has been able to devise and implement smart systems and processes ensuring quality that is delivered with speed. This has led to the Company being able to successfully achieve aggressive targets.
In the past, Vijay has been instrumental in commissioning and implementing some of the major infrastructure projects in West Africa in the field of Power, Water and Oil & Gas. His experience pans over two decades in West Africa with an in-depth understanding of the local environment. Vijay is a well-recognised entrepreneur and an infrastructure expert within the industry.
Vijay holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani, India.

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organizational chart

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