National Identity Benefits

Telesuprecon National Identity Solution

Data Collection

Enrolment application is used for receiving new client enrolment requests and capturing new data. After verifying the uniqueness of the request, the Registrars enroll the data that is received in magnetic media from various logistic providers


Application will conduct online authentication of identity (demographic and biometric information) using queries in the form of Valid/Invalid type of response. Also, de-duplication of biometric data is done by assigning a scaled data fusion score to each duplicate record.

Fraud Detection

Application detects identity fraud by catching fraud scenarios. Few examples: registration for non-existent applicants, misrepresentation of information, multiple registration attempts by same applicant, user impersonation, etc.

Analytics and Reporting

Application provides enrolment and authentication statistics for both public and partners. it also provides user management, role-based access control, automation and status reporting.

Information Portal

Application provides administrative access for internal users, partners, and general information/reports/ grievance requests details to public.

Contact and Logistics

Application provides query and status update functionality and interfaces with the logistics provider for letter printing and delivery management.

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